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Personal History:

Farmer: 1970-84

Millwright: 1986-2000

Mason: 1988-

Masonry Contractor: 1994-

Inventor: Life

The MAXSRACK was born from the necessity of reducing labor expense in our Masonry Business. MAXSRACK was raised by experimentation and change.  MAXSRACK was guided to its conclusion by past experience and current requirements.

My past as a millwright in a steel mill gave me a very good living for many years. More valuable was the education I received while working in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. During the years there I was exposed to and trained in the Phillip Crosby Philosophy of Quality Control. Trained repeatedly in all the OSHA standards. Trained in the 9002 Certification Programs.

The real test of education came in being selected to the Plant Safety Committee. This board consisted of four men from the floor and twelve salaried personal, including the Safety Director and Plant Manager. During my seven year tenure we dealt with, near serious accidents, serious accidents, death and everything in between. We were able to solve a vast amount of safety issues over the years. We all took great pride in making a positive difference in plant safety. Out of all the studies we did, the near serious pyramids we recorded and the changes we implemented, one common denominator always inhibited our success- Expense! We heard all the rhetoric, safety first, safety saves lives, safety saves money. Reality paints a different picture.

Costs of implementing new procedures, equipment changes, training of the workforce, and lost production time was our biggest opponent. Living that, seeing that and understanding that has guided me to MAXSRACK. To bring MAXSRACK to reality in a form that addresses both sides of the safety battle has been our goal.

As millwrights in a steel mill we repaired, rebuilt or replaced nearly every part of the mechanical operations. We corrected an endless parade of flaws in the mechanical, hydraulic, air, water, and structural areas. Design changes, assembly, testing and installation were left to us. Our ideas, inventions, experience and overall understanding of the equipment made for positive changes. We were all exposed to the destructive nature of the mill. The excessive weights, extreme heat, water cooled equipment of the mill coupled with a 24/7 operation lead us to positive changes that remain in operation today.

All of this prior experience was and still is the driving force behind MAXSRACK. Couple that with the safety experience and you have a extremely durable, easy to use, safe product.

Current ways of scaffold transportation, handling, assembly and disassembly are, by comparison, still in the stone ages. These past methods waste valuable labor time, slow production, damage equipment and put everyone at risk.


OSHA has set the standards for safe scaffold operations. We all have the obligation of compliance but that can be difficult. Most businesses today want to comply but the expense of equipment and lost production time often results in shortcuts to make a profit. Profit is required. Compliance is required. Maxsrack if used properly allows your company to do both. To invest in a MAXSRACK will return that investment in 2 years or less and continues to perform for years to come. The  MAXSRACK allows your company to compete, profit, and comply.

Our goal is to produce a product that makes your operation more profitable, is easy to use, faster and above all provide a safe scaffold system that allows your company to stay in compliance.

Don F. Maxson


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