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MAXSRACK™ Scaffold System



The New MAXSRACK™ Scaffold System Is Designed Specifically For Handling Scaffold Frames

  • The MAXSRACK ™ scaffold system has four 3”x 6”x1/4” lift tubes so it can be safely   attached to an industrial fork lift machine from all four sides.

  • The MAXSRACK ™ scaffold system also includes 3/16” expanded metal floors on top of the lift lubes for secure footing to stand on during scaffold assembly as well as disassembly.

  • The New MAXSRACK ™ Scaffold System holds cross braces and  pins.                             

MAXSRACK™ Model B Scaffold System

  • The MAXSRACK ™ Model B has OSHA compliance features built in to create a safe working environment.

  • The MAXSRACK ™ Scaffold System has 4” channel steel welded to the base for scaffold vertical support
  • All tie down bracket are placed in such a manner to allow for safe mobile transportation
  • The MAXSRACK ™ Scaffold System is designed for field use. The platform is elevated 4 inches to keep rack out of the mud. The 4 inch channel is perforated to drain rainwater.
  • The MAXSRACK ™ Scaffold System is craneable with the use of a spreader  beam.

  • The MAXSRACK ™ Scaffold System will stop your scaffold damage. It centralizes your scaffold parts and makes inventory a snap.

  • This new MAXSRACK ™ Scaffold System will take hours off your labor time and make you more efficient.

  • Time is money and the new MAXSRACK ™ scaffold system will easily pay for itself in less than two years of use for most operations

  • Scaffold System Empty Weight – Only 1,100lbs.                                               

  • Loaded with 20sets of 6 foot scaffold and braces-3,800lbs.

  • Width – 67 inches

  • Length – 90 inches

  •  Height – 79 inches                                                                       


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